Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 03, 2019


Only four of us this week met by the Kingsferry crossing over the river Swale . It was cold very overcast and a threat of rain . We had planned to walk through the Elmley Nature Reserve and make a circular route back along the river Swale but soon after setting off we met the nature reserves warden who very politely asked if we would mind not walking through the reserve due to the number of nesting waders that could be disturbed by us walkers . As he was so friendly we retraced our steps then followed the path that took us past the bridges then followed the river Swale so far then simply turned around and once again retraced our steps by which time the sun had got its hat on and was just great to be out and about . Lots of bird life including at least 6 Avocets , 1 Marsh Harrier and loads of waders Sorry for  taking too many photos
Part of the marsh lands at start of walk 

Kingsferry bridges you can see how misty and cloudy it was at the start 

How to ruin the views 

Old and new bridges 

3 wise men 

Still here after WW2

Trying to be artistic 

Time for a break 

Recycling Centre 

It was at this point we turned around and retraced our steps 

This does show how cloudy it was 

with the tide approaching high tide the river traffic appeared 

Heading into Ridham Docks 

pair of waders just taking off 

this shows the clouds breaking up and how far the water had come in since we started 

simply stitching a few shots together 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Hi Carolyn,its me doing the blog this week and I read the comments.So thank you for commenting
Only 3 of us this week,various reasons,mostly of an infectious nature,one being back from a
passenger aircraft trip ,where its necessary to breath in the exhaled breath of 200 others!(and worse)
Anyway,the sky was grey and the temp was reasonable,the Daffodils were out in force and the birds were singing.We did about 6 miles and failed to take a camera,so I will source from elsewhere.
I have eaten 2 custard tarts as a reward ,and a cup of "builders" tea.
We passed by Chilham castle,shown below which is really a Jacobean House with a ruined Bailey.
I used to volunteer here at weekends in the Battle of Britain Museum,my feet are twitching at the memory of the pain from standing for hours on end.

The pointy buildings are Oast Houses for drying hops,the top moves in to wind.

We stopped at Shalmsford street to eat our sandwiches in the children's playing ground, exceeding
the maximum age limit by about 68 years and risking a Tazering.

The route over the railway line was blocked so we had to detour,not a major problem

All this started cos Ray gave me a book by Bill Bryson OBE (dual citizen UK/USA)
called A Walk in the Woods,back inn '97 the group started in 2005 and has been stumbling on since.
We are minded to buy a mini-bus and hire an attractive Polish girl to help us in and out (etc)and maybe
stop by the sea and stare at the waves with a blanket on our knees.Not quite there yet ,but closing fast.

Not much flag waving goes on here but ,just this once, England and the Principality of Wales.

That's it,and now to fend of the arms of morpheus while avoiding the News etc.
The Germans call it Weltshmerz