Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


After an extraordinarily long break 5 of us RV@ the car park and did a 5 mile walk through muddy paths.The sun shone,it was mild and the views were lovely.
We don't own the copyright ,it is posted for educational purposes.
anyway,we saw 3 of these chaps,not an unusual sight nowadays
thank goodness

                              Next week Charing windmill hill,exploring uncharted ground

Friday, March 16, 2018

Herne Bay to Reculver

This should not really be on the blog as it was only two of us meeting up for a stroll and chat but as I am scared of being nagged by Aussie Wendy I thought I would post these few photos
As I said not a normal group walk just two of us met up for a chat and stroll , we met at Herne Bay on what the weather lady said was going to be cold and wet , yes typical British weather As it was the sun shone and it was rather warm for this time of year We simply followed the coast to Reculver there we found the café . That called for a long sit down while we savoured a drink and sausage sandwich . After a rather long break we simply walked back to the cars Although only 6 miles we found it rather hard going but then we are getting old and have not really walked any distance for ages
Reculver Towers in the distance 

Especially for GP , note Roman Tiles , see we were taking notice 

Looking West Herne Bay in distance

The dot in the distance is the end of the old Herne Bay pier 

Just liked the shadows 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Lots of trouble signing in to the blog,any more of this and...............
RV @ the church and off across the fields,unable to work out if the crop was grass or wheat or something else,it turned out to be something else....Golf Balls about 20 of them which we collected and left by the gate of the nearest cottage as an act of goodwill (i.e. we didn't need them)Just a pleasant walk in the area down quiet roads and across muddy fields.A bit windy and coldish.We popped in to the post office,tea room in the village and had a cup of coffee and then dispersed.A pleasant drive there and back as its the school holidays.One or two pictures.

5 miles 4 chaps no injuries
About 16th century vernacular construction (well look it up then)