Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Broadstairs -Ramsgate

Unfortunately I had to miss this walk at the last minute especially as it is one of my favourite walks so here is the write up and photos by one of those who took part

Today's outing began at the home of G2S with tea and jam sponge.

Afterwards, the Eldest Member declared we'd had what we came for and we should all go home but he was voted down.  We walked past the famous old Bleak House above Broadstairs harbour, down along the sands and into a brisk head wind to Dumpton Gap.  Here we climbed up a steep concrete path to the cliff top (steep but not far) and proceeded along the top, passing the memorial seat dedicated to Wout Steenhuis, a famous guitarist and expert on the Hawaian guitar.  From here we marched through the park to the clifftop that marks the beginning of Ramsgate.

At this point there was a short break for one member to put his eye drops in and we were then onward to the Shipshape cafe in Ramsgate harbour. 

A sturdy lunch of bacon or sausage baguettes or sandwiches was consumed enthusiastically.  Then back along the beach towards Broadstairs, encountering several dogs doing what dogs do.  Arrival at Broadstairs saw the purchase of ice creams but the day was declared a total calamity when the ice cream cone of G2S leapt off its cornet and landed with a splodge on the ground.  He was only about three licks into it!  Counselling has been arranged.

The official Happy Wanderers Xmas lunch at The Captain Digby has been arranged for Wednesday 19 December and the annual Wrotham cake fest (with

walk) has been set for 12 December at the Youngest Member's house.

Look what I missed 

Ramsgate Harbour 

great place for a fry up 

Ramsgate Maritime Museum 

Not happy with Cake then sausage sandwich they had to have an ice cream 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Only four of us , plus a dog,  this week so we met up at Barrys abode in Sittingbourne and then set off in the light rain through the local woods where there is usually an abundance of blackberries unfortunately now too late in the season
The overnight rain had resulted in it being very muddy underfoot so not the best day to go walking . the path led to the local park in Borden . Here we followed the road past the church then following the footpath signs across a very muddy field . Finally we came to Oade St in Bredgar and it was at this point the plan was to head homewards . Crossing the M2 motorway our leader made a slight error of navigation and we ended up taking a rather long route back to the start point .
The bonus was when we got to Barry's place his wife supplied us with homemade cake and hot sausage rolls
6.2 miles , wet , 4 bods and a dog
Sorry due to weather the photos are a bit rubbish
start of walk does not show how muddy it was 

Borden Village with church in background 

This was originally the village forge 

Borden Church 

Church gate 

Only blackberries we see on this walk 

M2 Motorway 

Why can't people take there rubbish home 

Fruits of the countryside 

One man, our leader for the day, and his dog 

Near the end of the walk 

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Capel-le-Ferne 0.007297351

RV@ The Clifftop Cafe which was CLOSED because it was raining.
We moved our colours to the battle of Britain Museum along the road which was crowded with Wongas and very noisy but tea/coffee etc was fine.
We kept to the road and crossed to Crete road east and a bit of west,carried on to Smallpox lane
and turned and returned for more tea,but sat outside because we are tough
8 of us 5 miles a bit rainy.

RAY is leaning on the propeller near the "Don't lean on the propeller "sign
Yes there really are 8 and not 7

Examine carefully,there's a man up the mast


Wednesday, August 29, 2018


RV @ Leeds Church car park and across the fields in rain to Broomfield and thence to Chegworth.
Down the Hill to the Len and the water Mills ,then back in to the Castle grounds via the golf course (which was uninhabited)Stopped for a coffee at the little hut by the exit and then up the hill to Battel hall and the cricket pitch to the church
hideRiver Len mills
River Len
The Fair Bourne
Fairbourne Mill
Stede Street Mill
Polhill Mill
Chegworth Mill
The Mille
Le Mille
Leeds Castle Mill
Keepers Cottage Mill
Snag Brook
Manor Mill
Eyhorne Mill
Grove Mill
Park Mill
Leeds Stream
Priory Mill
Abbey Mill
Le Nethertoune Mill
Old Mill
Brandescombe Mill
Thurnham (Ballards) Mill
Thurnham Mill
Bearstead Stream
Aldington Mill
Lower Milgate Mill
Otham Mill
Otham Paper Mill
Poll Mill
Turkey Mill
Christian's Mill
Padsole Mill
Church Mill
Lower Church Mill
River Medway
Very wet,raining all the time good test (fail for me )for the clothing.Heating on at home, and soup and a roll .