Time wounds all heels.

Time wounds all heels.
2,700 miles so far out of 4,000 in 8 years.Where's Ray? We are posing in the Paleolithic rock shelter in Kent.50,000 years old

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chilham to Canterbury along the Stour

One of our reliable favourites RV @ Chilham car park and through the fisheries to Chartham and then along the river in to Canterbury City and Castle Street for breakfast at the Saffron Restaurant.
Followed by the purchase of scones at the bakers then an unfortunate 1 hour wait for the bus.
But a stroll through the market and a cup of coffee made a hole in that.
A 1X bus went all over the place on the way back,but a 3rd class ride etc etc...
An appropriate piece of music

An almost perfect shot of Chilham Village Square (but for the cars)

A sample of the television watching public

You talkin to me?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Doddington Circular walk

I think they are flowering Cherry

The are creatures in the wood just waiting to make a meal of us.

A Private cricket pitch

A very misty dark miserable day,but then the sun appeared at about 10:00 and all the autumn foliage could be appreciated.A little muddy and the grass was wet,but who cares?
Apples were "collected" and Sweet Chestnuts harvested/Gleaned and free range eggs were bought,so someone will get brownie points.
There were 6 of us and we did maybe 5 miles .

THIS piece of music sums it up really.

while we are waiting I will have a bath

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


It was raining lightly,we parked by the bridge and set off round the back of the church in the wrong direction.Coming back,we found the correct path off the top of Mount Pleasant and walked around the edge of the quarry,which excavates Folkestone sand and is a startling 1000 years old.Dr Who has been filmed here a few times ,simulating an alien planet.Across the fields to Eccles and then crossing the "pilgrims way"we set off up the hill by the Great Culand,very steep very hard work lots of grunting and panting etc.At the top we turned back down the old road and dropped down to Kits Coty ancient burial site.The across to Pratling Street and the village and to the Chequers pub for a swift half.
5 miles 3 chaps.this was after breakfast at Papas Ditton with 6 of us .
Round up the Usual Suspects (Casablanca)Mr Dave had a sodding great bacon sandwich which will shorten his life by at least 6 months.
You can see the Apollo 11 capsule where it landed.

A large area is below the water table.

The Aylesford Vinyard (Chardonnay)

Not so bloody intrepid now?

Over the river is the Land of Snods

This was the George pub,one of 5 in the village

Sadly this is the LITTLE GEM a listed building

Pratling Street cottage for sale.
Where my Dad was stand in publican for two weeks when Cyril and Connie went on holiday
A Video no less. video

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Just 4 of us and 13 miles along the prom,VIDEO of another biker's ride.
lots of silly art things going on in Folkestone and a TV presence owing to immigrants being housed in an Hotel,on which there was more "art"in the shape of mountaineers tents suspended from the top tower.
Lunch,excellent(9/10)fish and chips at the SMOKEHOUSE RESTAURANT cheerful, efficient and attractive staff.It rained while we dined ,then the sun came out.We met The UKIP candidate who was going to do an interview for the news.Ice cream and then a mug of tea at the RHDR ststion at Hythe
I have cramp in my thigh,that'll teach me to go cycling.

The Last Train out of Folkestone Harbour
The rooftop dwellers art installation

Military Canal

You can just see the Bamboo art installation blocking the tracks.

A better view

More art blocking the line

Here comes Interepid Biker.
Don't ask


Britains sadly missed premier jazz pianist Dudley Moore(quality a bit ropey, but hey)