Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Herne Bay

for lots of reasons no walk planned this week , mainly due to weather lady saying weather was rubbish . At last minute get phone call from Mr GY of Broadstairs who pleads that I meet him for a short walk in the rain at Herne Bay . He says he is so scared tat if he does not walk some lady by the name of Wendy from Australia will nag him and he is very scared of her
So just two of us met at Hampton Pier , Herne Bay and did a short 5 mile walk along the sea front .All because he is scared of Wendy Lady
As the weather was on the damp and cold side did not take a camera but there are loads on the blog from previous walks at Herne Bay
Still we passed a pleasant couple of hours putting the world to rights and finished with a lovely sausage and onion baguette
Here are just a couple of photos from previous walks in case she nags me but note weather was decent when I took these

Friday, December 08, 2017

12th Anniversary Christmas Dinner

So,we went here

and had some of this
and a couple of these.

I will add some statistics,when they are to hand ,but the Blog goes back 12 years with between
40 and 50 hikes a year.
Everyone has benefited from the exercise and fresh air ,a couple of minor injuries and deflated egos

CLICK HERE to view the area from a drone

I believe something like 22 different people have walked with the "core"group of about 8.
Je ne regrette  rien 

Next meeting is 20th December to celebrate the equinox and make a sacrifice
on a stone age Megalith,which are manifold hereabouts.

Au revoir bientot mes amis 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Well,it's a bit cold and they are all old men now ,A North east wind and a temp of 4C

By way of  recompense HERE'S a lovely BBC film -enjoy!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


What a super day,
what a lovely walk,
TC has excelled himself.
Starting at Bridge 5 chaps  walked in a big 8 mile circle.
Its autumn and a 40mph gale is blowing,but the trees are golden,the shadows are long ,the views are peerless.
It makes you happy to live in England .You could see for miles.Lots of old houses 16th 17th century with interesting 
features. Olde Worlde England at its best.
Click Here for Drone view of Bridge
I was almost tempted to a pub lunch at the end,there was a fire in the grate,hot grub,and beer and a sit down,from which it would have been difficult to get up from.I had a lovely high speed twisty turney drive back across country through empty roads.
When I arrived home the hall was full of ebay books and gizmos.I cooked Bangers and Mash (quick and easy)

Click THIS LINK and it will give you some idea of what heaven looks like.

he ‘Kingston Brooch’, an important piece of Anglo-Saxon jewelry dating from the 7th Century, was discovered in a Tumulus on Kingston Downs in 1771 by Rev’d. Brian Faussett who was Rector of Kingston. It is 8 cm in diameter, made of gold, with garnet, blue glass and shell settings. Now on display in the World Museum, Liverpool.

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the sun is so bright  it has caused the iris to contact an rendered the figures shadowy

16th century electrical wiring and cable clips