Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Charing-North Downs way-Gliding club +RTH

Very cold ,with frost and bright clear skies and a wind to rid you of dandruff.
Starting equipped with sausage rolls from the butcher,we set off up the hill to the North Downs.
All the way along on the flat to Westwell where we turned left up the hill to the Gliding club.
Back in to the woods and then down,down,down to the Church and the car park.
We met a lady who was not a cockney and wasn't Vic Reeves' mum.
I have just had a Hot Cross Bun and strawberry jam and a pot of tea .

5 blokes and 7 miles if you include the Hypotenuse.

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We could see Dungeness,Romney Marsh wind farm,Postling Beacon

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The seat that Gordon broke on his last visit 

Elderly gentlemen flogging up the hill

This clock shows the correct time  (GMT/Zulu)
Henry VIII passed this way with 1500 foot soldiers and 500 mounted  en route to the Field of The Cloth of Gold at Calais.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Alyesford to Maidstone

first let me apologise as this is not an official group walk . For family reasons I have not been able to join the group lately and when there is no blog I get a e mail from a lady in Australia asking why . so this may delay that e mail
This was just a walk with my wife on a lovely sunny Sunday from Aylesford to Maidstone along the river bank, then returning along the same route . Just under 8 miles
River Medway near Aylesford

Allington Locks

Allington Castle 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


The sun came out after the big Tupperware bowl was removed from the sky.
RV @ Picnic site Teston and east along the muddy Medway path to Barming and under the Rail line.
Up the hill to Barming church and across the Tonbridge road and in to the woods and along North pole road.Turning south to view the stunning landsacpe in the winter sun,we came out by the famous Cricket Ball factory and here's a 1939 Pathe News film of the process at Teston CLICK THE LINK
Mick stumbled upon us and we had a ragchew for 10 minutes ,then back to the car park.
5 of us 5 miles
Dr Mike Easterbrook's latest updated guide book.



Wednesday, January 03, 2018


not an official group walk so here are just a few photos take in the Medway area on a short walk I did with my brother on 2 Jan 2018 , at least it was in fresh air and the real idea was to take photos in the wet
Museum at Brompton 

Medway Queen on River Medway Gillingham 

Rescued 7000 people from the beaches of Dunkirk 

River Medway looking East 

Swans on edge of River Medway looking North 

Me taken a picture of someone taking photos of the swans