Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Herne Bay to Whitstable

Just 5 this week and as we have had too much hot weather lately we thought a stroll along the Kent coast might be just the job . We met at Hampton Pier and headed West along the sea front . The sun was out but just enough breeze to be enjoyable although the lovely weather had brought out a few other strollers . As we got near Whitstable came across a local group trying to uncover the remains of a 16th century ship that had been buried in the mud a few hundred meters from the shore . We did have a chat with the group on the return leg of our walk . Onwards to Whitstable for a coffee break then simply retraced our steps albeit with an ice cream brought by our leader
Near Hampton Pier 

For some reason the group wanted a photo of Barry's hat 

Heading West 

Trying to be artistic , and failing 

Yes I know another photo of beach huts 

In Whitstable harbour

Gulls feeding on shellfish

Shellfish ready for the market 

about 500 years old , recovered from ship wreck mentioned in text

another attempt at being arty , its a rubbish bin 

Hampton Pier in the distance 

last rest stop for the oldest member of the group and his minder 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Last week was 100% exhausting,so this week a more sedate walk was in order.The above location fits the bill,a large forested area with a "right to roam"the RV at the White Horse lane car park where we haven't been since 2011. just 5 of us ,grey,cloudy,19C so its perfect.we just wandered about in the general direction of North then east and so on.Sat on a pile of logs for coffee break,and then set off back to the car park.Quite enjoyable in a gentle sort of way.4.5 miles

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Charing southern circular walk.

Starting in Charing village (sausage rolls)to the station and along the path and under the railway across the fields to the massive Brett sand quarry and thence to Tile lane via an illegally locked gate.
Over the fields to Cherry farm emerging in to Heath road,where I was disorientated and thought I was elsewhere, a £50 bet was offered but luckily I didn't take it as I was 100% wrong (for once)
Up Hill lane and then a nice walk to Charing heath rd and the stud farm .After this is was like the
Vietnam jungle with overgrown paths multiple stiles,brambles, sierra hotel 1 tango ,more disorientation, and finally out to the A20 via the abattoir the village where John treated us to a traditional ice cream.
It was excessively hot,we walked too far,we hurt,and it was a minimum of 7 miles .
Next week I think 4 miles would be fine maybe (just maybe) meet at White Hill car park off the A251
for a level walk in the west end of the Kings wood.Something we haven't done for about 5 years.

Photos from todays walk

Charing Starting Point Of Walk

Rather closed in path

Sand Quarry

Rather sad farm buildings 

Are these tracks made by alien visitors 

Just looking back 

This field was really hard going 

Horses had right idea of finding shade 

Think they were on holiday 

I just love old trees 

Back in Charing at end of walk