Time wounds all heels.

Time wounds all heels.
2,700 miles so far out of 4,000 in 8 years.Where's Ray? We are posing in the Paleolithic rock shelter in Kent.50,000 years old

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


first a message for the lovely lady Wendy in Australia , a lot of the photos below are for you at the insistence of your remote cousin Gordon who thinks you may like to see a change in the seasons in Kent
Five of us met up by Faversham Creek , and more by luck than judgement our headmaster turned up at the right place in his new milk float
We set off slightly along the edge of the creek into the edge of Faversham by the Brewery then onto Faversham Quay where we admired all types, shapes and size of boats . Our brilliant map reader and leader found the footpath that lead to another old fashioned boatyard and had a good look at various boats under repair
Just after the boatyard we turned inland across the fields to Graveney church where we stopped for our normal tea break  Then enjoying the sunshine slowly made our way back to Faversham via Goodenstone Church
A great slow amble about 5-6 miles
Start of Walk Faversham Creek

At Boatyard

Strawberry Tunnels

Graveney Church

Goodenstone Church

Rare Hop Field Just Planted

Faversham Church

Saturday, April 19, 2014


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Well of course Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
That says it all really.Kings wood Challock,sunny day ,more of a gentle stroll than a hike
Best Bluebells in Kent,and lots of them.about 4 miles and 8 of us.
Loads of pix.

I love Logs.

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