Time wounds all heels.

Time wounds all heels.
2,700 miles so far out of 4,000 in 8 years.Where's Ray? We are posing in the Paleolithic rock shelter in Kent.50,000 years old

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meopham Stroll

in the absence of the headmaster four of us met up at our member from Meophams house and with him leading the way basically strolled around that area . We had to stick to the roads and lanes because all the footpaths appeared to be waterlogged . At his insistence we set of to Caymar park where everyone other than yours truly had a bacon/sausage roll and mug of hot tea/coffee . From there I have no idea of where we went but do know there were a lot of hills and lots of puddles Eventually we made it back to Meopham Green and from there back  to our leader for the day house . Here were  greeted by his very lovely young wife who had spent the morning making us a lovely cake plus biscuits and hot mince pies Made all the better as in the absence of the headmaster we got a look in and I got a cuddle from the lovely lady of the house Guess 6 miles and five walkers
Typical Road Condition Of The Day

One Hill After Another

Told You Another Hill

Note Gate Locked

Hill Down This Time

Meopham Green

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tankerton to Whitstable Stroll

Last week was supposed to be a big get together but unfortunately quite a few of us could not make it at the last minute So we met up at a very nice café in Tankerton where everyone, except the author , had a very large breakfast .
Then it was a slow stroll down to the beach , into Whitstable for a gentle look round the harbour but as it was very cold and windy we found a nice warm café for a coffee then back to our cars Not really a walk just a get together
Tankerton towards Herne Bay

Very Healthy Eating , but not by me

Note Oyster Shells

Whitstable Harbour

Fish Market

Monday, November 24, 2014


After they dug us out of the village Coffee Shop,we walked along roads to Westwell Church,up to the Gliding Club on the top of the downs and then down through the woods to Charing.
A perfect hiking day a frosty start brilliant sunshine,best walk for ages.
All the pubs we stopped at had full car parks and we(I)decided that I didn't want to wait for lunch
so scrubbed round it.(except for 2 who called at the Robin Hood)
4 Chaps 8 Miles.