Paleolithic rock shelter.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

As we came through the brush and gorse,we could see the South Foreland Lighthouse in the distance.Unfortunately it is closed more than open in the winter months.We walked up the path alongside it,only to be met with a gale of about50m.p.h.(85kph)ripping over the cliff edge we were in exposed territory now!We could easily see the big ferries entering and leaving Dover Harbour and as you can see there is a Norfolk Line ship in the forground on its way to Dunquerque and in the backgraound a ferry from Sea France on the Calais run..
We walked back along the cliff top ,where there are notices saying "Stay 15 Metres from the cliff edge"It was a little dull now with a heavy sky,with rain threatening.
A highlight was a Kestrel,at times completely motionless in the hover,and unusually we could look down upon it to see the reddish-brown colouring.
We returned to the cafeteria via a goat track up the side of the cliff over the harbour,just as a shower of rain came over.The cafeteria was warm and welcoming and the tomato and onion soup was excellent.
A 7 mile (12km)walk,stiff limbs good comapnionship,and an inexpensive day out.Next time we will explore Langdon Hole where the cliff path descends via a vertical ladder to the beach!.
(It was to be 8 months later!)

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