Paleolithic rock shelter.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dover Ramble

We started out from the RVP at the cafeteria below the Coastguard station.It was a sunny but cold day with little or no wind,perfect for walking.A twin engine light aircraft buzzed the Coastguard station ,then flew out to mid-channel ,then returned. It was an oil pollution control aircraft
We started our walk along the road to the broadlees farm footpath,stopping ony to inspect traffic master sensors on the overbridge on the A2 Rheims way.The Farm had Christmas trees for sale but there was no one around.
Walking up the hill near where Bleriot landed ,we passed the Duke of York's Military barracks and crossed back over the A2 at the Guston roundabout.
After a short walk along the A258 we turned right ,and climbed over a stile into a field.This is the point where,during WW2,a rail spur was laid to serve the cross-channel very heavy gun battery.We soon turned left and walked towards Bere farm,which was noted for its slurry-filled track which we had to negotiate! Passing alongside Bere wood ,we clambered over an electric fence and headed for the next waypoint in the distance ,across a large field (that was a bit muddy)
We soon had St Margarets at Cliffe village in site and passed by some old ammunition stores and an abandoned railway platform.At the road,we turned right into the village and left a trail of muddy footprints on the pavement.About 700 metres later we turned right to follow a brown signpost and passed through a housing estate and came out towards the South Foreland.

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