Paleolithic rock shelter.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mereworth Woods and COLDRUM STONES walks


Following our 7 mile walk through Mereworth woods,we retired to the JUNGLE transport cafe at Addington.The service was very courteous and the food was good,although smoking is allowed.
We had only 3 on this walk which was mainly through the woods and later along the WEALD WAY.
We saw father christmas emerge from a car and enter a pub.The route back was a bit dodgy,as some of the motorists we encountered down a country lane had not allowed for pedestrians being on the road.

Our walk of 21st DECEMBER was through TROSLEY country park and we had 7 walkers.
We visited the COLDRUM STONES ancient Megalithic tomb (4-5,000 years old)and it was signifigant that it was the longest day,which would have been celebrated by the pagans as the turning point towards spring and summer.There were many tokens tied to the trees on the site ,I wonder who put them there?
We went back via a muddy footpath toTrosley court and up a very steep hill to the parking place.We went into the log cabin,where a wood burning stove was pumping out heat.
We had tea and bacon/sausage/egg sandwiches ,which were excellent
We are going to walk again soon maybe at Shipbourne (pronounced Shibbun)again,through a wood.I will let you know how we get on.Maybe some pictures next time.

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