Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Oare to Conyer and back walk.

tuesday 24 Feb WX=freezing point,sunny,no wind.Crystal clear blue skies
Starting from Oare,we walked alongside Oare creek in brilliant sunshine with the muddy footpath frozen underfoot.There were several birders enjoying the conditions,and we soon made it to the sea wall,leaving behind all the boats and yachts and barges.Looking out for the old meter-gauge railway line ,which was used for the munitions factory in WW 1 ,we passed along the top of the dyke.There are many signs of previous occupation ,and we were at odds to decide whether they were first or second war remnants.An inshore survey craft sailed past,disturbing the calm waters.
At the halfway mark we stopped to take coffee from out thermos flasks or drink brandy.At Conyer creek,after passing through some wooded areas we ignored the pub and pressed on towards the Swale Heritage trail.
Walking along roads initially,we did some half timbered cottage-spotting and tried to estimate their age.The going became a little more slippery as we passed through orchards and then exposed fields.Out of the sun,the chill could be felt,and we went past the old pub "the Mounted Rifleman"which although no longer a pub,still bears the name on its front wall.
We made it back to Oare and got out of our muddy footware and bundled into the car.
We spotted the Harty Ferry Inn across the Swale and have decided to visit there next week and use it as a half-way stopping point for lunch as we head to Shellness.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


We all met up for Breakfast at the East Malling Staff restaurant"Bramleys"and had the big breakfast served by the girls.Very good very homely and reasonably priced.
two of the chaps dropped out after breakfast as they had copper and brass to turn on their lathes, and the rest carried on towards Hermiatge lane Barming.
BeforeHermitage lane we turned right over the rail footbridge and skirted around Gallaghers quarry.The houskeeping on this piece of countryside is excellent and is a credit to the owner.
Into Barming woods and Muddy paths,a couple of the chaps were wearing gaiters for the first time.A little instruction was given on the use of a marching compass,which proved a waste of time as we got a little lost later!We crossed Kiln Barn lane and used the footpath around the back of Fouracres and went along Rocks road in East Malling village.
Using the Wateringbury road we located a footpath to Cottenham close and a new rail crossing through a tunnel by a new housing estate.Back past the village church and onto the Research station and back to the RVP>a drink was had ,the dogs were fed biscuits and we split up and went home tired.Next week Faversham!.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


11 January walk
RVP Carpark in Dene wood at Shipbourne despite BT engineering works and road closures.
5 on the walk,which was a circular 5 mile walk inspired and posted by the Council/County Council and took in part of the Greensand way.WX was dull and 7 degrees Celcius,but no rain and only occasional wind.As suggested there was ample mud and we passed a cyclist who was going uphill on his montain bike in deepish mud and was cheered on by us,we saw people walking their dogs and 2 other hikers in the distance.We had to cross the busy A227 a couple of times and had to be on our guard.The route was very well sign posted and the KCC have a website with photos of all the waypoints!this is a real luxury and they are doing all they can to get people away from their TV sets and out walking.A really excellent website which I will post the address of later.
We retired to the Jungle Cafe at Addington ,where once again the service was very polite and the food 10 out of 10 and reasonably priced.Here is a pic of a cherry tree in blossom a trifle early.We will bring this to the attention of East Malling Research station !.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


HORRID HILL! Rainham Country Park North Kent Coast
A short post-holiday walk with three of us RV ing at the Riverside country park Rainham.
The weather was grey,misty and about 10 degrees C.
We walked to Motney hill following the foreshore about 1.5 miles and turned and came back at the sewage(!) works.There are several abandoned wooden craft in the mud (wooden boats have souls,so are never broken up)
One of our number was lambasted by the park warden for ignoring the one-way traffic system,but it turned out thay knew each other well!
We retred to the warmth of the cafeteria ,as it was now drizzling with rain.We had Egg and chips and all was well with the world.We saw Oyster catchers and the usual common birds but no Marsh Harriers at this time of year. Some pics later