Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Oare to Conyer and back walk.

tuesday 24 Feb WX=freezing point,sunny,no wind.Crystal clear blue skies
Starting from Oare,we walked alongside Oare creek in brilliant sunshine with the muddy footpath frozen underfoot.There were several birders enjoying the conditions,and we soon made it to the sea wall,leaving behind all the boats and yachts and barges.Looking out for the old meter-gauge railway line ,which was used for the munitions factory in WW 1 ,we passed along the top of the dyke.There are many signs of previous occupation ,and we were at odds to decide whether they were first or second war remnants.An inshore survey craft sailed past,disturbing the calm waters.
At the halfway mark we stopped to take coffee from out thermos flasks or drink brandy.At Conyer creek,after passing through some wooded areas we ignored the pub and pressed on towards the Swale Heritage trail.
Walking along roads initially,we did some half timbered cottage-spotting and tried to estimate their age.The going became a little more slippery as we passed through orchards and then exposed fields.Out of the sun,the chill could be felt,and we went past the old pub "the Mounted Rifleman"which although no longer a pub,still bears the name on its front wall.
We made it back to Oare and got out of our muddy footware and bundled into the car.
We spotted the Harty Ferry Inn across the Swale and have decided to visit there next week and use it as a half-way stopping point for lunch as we head to Shellness.

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