Paleolithic rock shelter.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


11 January walk
RVP Carpark in Dene wood at Shipbourne despite BT engineering works and road closures.
5 on the walk,which was a circular 5 mile walk inspired and posted by the Council/County Council and took in part of the Greensand way.WX was dull and 7 degrees Celcius,but no rain and only occasional wind.As suggested there was ample mud and we passed a cyclist who was going uphill on his montain bike in deepish mud and was cheered on by us,we saw people walking their dogs and 2 other hikers in the distance.We had to cross the busy A227 a couple of times and had to be on our guard.The route was very well sign posted and the KCC have a website with photos of all the waypoints!this is a real luxury and they are doing all they can to get people away from their TV sets and out walking.A really excellent website which I will post the address of later.
We retired to the Jungle Cafe at Addington ,where once again the service was very polite and the food 10 out of 10 and reasonably priced.Here is a pic of a cherry tree in blossom a trifle early.We will bring this to the attention of East Malling Research station !.

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