Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Harty Isle of Sheppy

8 Mile walk Feb 1st From Muswell Manor,the site of the first powered flight by a Briton in Britain (Brabazon)on a Wright Flyer.Across a flat terrain in a temperature of 0 degrees celcuis with only light winds blowing.Visibility was poor(about 2KM)across the fields to Brewers Hill farm and on to harty ferry road to The Harty Inn (about 4 miles in 1 hour quite good going)
HARTY INN>Excellent hospitality,a blazing log fire and excellent reasonably priced food an interesting Inn with several unusual artefacts.We took an hour for lunch,and reluctantly set out back to the cars via the Nature Reserve along the sea wall,which is littered with rabbit holes and a good lookout has to be kept on where you are walking.Back past the Nudist beach and to the cars .About 1 hour 20 mins back and then over the old dual purpose rail bridge soon to be replaced by a modern bridge which appears to be well on schedule.Next week Dover Ferry crossing (weather permitting)

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