Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


A sunny day,following heavy overnight rain.Parking at the National Trust car park and setting off around the footpath onto the road and then turning onto the path into Broadhoath Wood where there was extensive felling,and a heavily churned-up path.Uphill all the way to Stone Street and then through some charming orchards to Styants Wood and Oldbury.Very muddy underfoot,we climbed up to the top of the hillfort (100BC) and took the main path to the east.
Our mission was to locate the pre historic cave dwellings that date back from between 60 and 300 millenia. We found aforesaid after a struggle downhill,they were heavily overgrown and difficult to identify.Few locals know the location of these ,which keeps them relatively free from interference.
The photgraphs are taken close-up so do not show them in their best light.Hand-axes and tools have been found heareabouts and we plan another trip in the summer when the conditions will be more favourable to clambering about on hillsides. about 6 miles and 3.5 hours and exhaustion as usual.

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