Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


A lovely day with bright sunshine and fresh winds from the north.A little slippery underfoot.Some hilly walking on this route, which took us to Crundale Church all alone on the hillside,possibly isolated because of the Black Death.We took a break on a bench,one of several donated by relatives ,the seats face the downs. As there were no Pubs enroute we took a pack up with hot drinks.Through the woods and several prosperous looking farms and then back to the Downs near Wye where there were some spectacular views.
I went slightly wrong with the map reading near the end,(as usual)but this resulted in a short cut,which relieved our aching legs.
8 miles and 4.5 hours a quite strenuous walk.there is a proposed £1 Billion development by Imperial college,I wonder if this will change things?

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