Paleolithic rock shelter.

Friday, March 31, 2006

30th March Reculver circular walk

A walk starting at the site of the twin towers of Reculver church,the weather mild and occasionally sunny,but windy.
As we walked along the sea wall to the Wantsum river we saw some interesting birds,and an airbus belonging to Virgin doing touch and goes from Manston airfield.As they stopped for lunch,so did we.The Sun Inn at St Nicks at Wade is welcoming and the food is top notch.After lunch we walked through the village and turned right onto the Wantsum Way,crossing open fields(strong winds)and having slight difficulty with mapreading owing to lack of landmarks and ambiguous instructions.Crossing the Chislet marshes we regained a road up to the Thanet way.At last we were somewhere above sea level.Dragging ourselves over the bridge,we passed under the rail line and headed back to the twin towers.It was a 10 mile walk and exhausted all of us,the last 100 metres being the worst bit.maybe a shorter walk next week.

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