Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

8th and 15th march Trosley and Tenterden


8th MARCH ,the weather was not too good so we RV'd at Trosley country park for tea and bacon sandwices and then retired to Gravesned to "assist"David with his faulty PC.

17 MARCH ashort supplimentary walk for 2 of us to Leeds Castle on the footpath ,and a quick whizz around.WX was grey and chilly ,and we await the blooming of the spring flowers .

15 March TENTERDEN about 4 miles and 2 hours south of the town ,the weather was chilly with a hint of snow in the air and a little windy.A nice walk skirting a trout farm in a valley and some nice oast houses near Forstal farm.We retired to Tesco at Grove Green for egg and chips!
22 march Blue Bell Hill (part of Charles Dickens favourite walk)starting at the picnic site off the A229 and proceeding through the stables on common road and along to the radio masts at Cossington.From there into the woods and joining the North Downs Way national trail and down the face of the hill through an ancient Yew wood to the Whiote Horse stone aincient monument,where we chatted with a cyclist and had a quick coffee from our flasks.
As advised,the underpass by the lower bell garagewas flooded as usual so we diverted to warren road and passed the Lower Bell pub and into a field to join the path to Kits Coty ancient monument(2 in a day!)from there uphill to cross the busy and noisy A229 by the shrine to the ghost of Bluebell Hill and up into the woods and back by the riding stable to the picnic site.
Interestingly,at the joining point of the ND way were 3 large stones of the same type as those that were used in the construction of the Megalithic sites,I wonder if they are old monuments that have fallen apart.
Also of interest is the passing of the HST at 300Kmh into the Bluebell hill rail tunnel,we were not quick enough for a photo.

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