Paleolithic rock shelter.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Tugs greet us roayally as we embark on the Gravesend Tilbury Ferry (OAP's £1.70)
The ferry took us over to Essex,a lovely sunny day with only a slight breeze on the water.Lots of interesting stuff to look at,Bulk Carriers,Container ships,tugs,Pilot and Customs cutters,barges,Ferries
We diembarked on the old rail terminal jetty at Tilbury and set off towards Tilbury Fort,we passed on the seaward side after peeping in through the gate house.The map does not show a footpath,but there is one.Past the Tilbury coal-fired power station,and past the coal loading jetty and then along in front of the sea wall. All very "distressed industrial" in appearance but nonetheless interesting.Through some strange smelling weeds and a short break sitting on the sea wall for sandwiches and coffee.Several intrepid cyclists were also using the path as we made our hot way to Coalhouse Fort. A pleasant spot with grassy knolls,where we rested before returning.The sun went in (good) and we made our way back by the same route.
Lots of timber baulks several feet square and up to 25 feet long on the foreshore if you could carry them.It was the Ferry's lunch break when we returned to Tilbury jetty so we waited about 20 minutes for it to come and fetch us back to Gravesend.It was interesting to see the other shore from the Essex side and identify all the disused factories and see all the new riverside dwellings.A suprisingly tiring day but very interesting.

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