Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hollingbourne secret underground bunker

A series of photos of the incredible "Zero"station built during the very early stages of WW2 at Hollingbourne,as a radio relay for intelligence in the event of a German invasion.This was associated with the Home Guard Auxilliary units ,which were basically a British resistance movement in place.Non-military radio equipment constructed by Amateur Radio members of the organisation were utilised and you can see the incredible picture of the covert antenna/feeder wire up the side of an old oak tree near the bunker.Look carefully at the snaking path of the feeder and the metal cable clips still there after nearly 70 years. Ray and I are shown looking down the main entrance shaft.The actual bunker is much larger than the ROC bunker(the nearest equivalent)and features a remote escape exit,and blast deflecting inner wall to deal with a grenade attack.
Our walk took us to the Ringlestone arms where the food was excellent and a log fire roaring in the grate.Uphill going-downhill back,about 5 miles and following (roughly)the route of the summer charity walks in the area.

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