Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

BlueBell Hill to the Medway crossing 31 May

A fine view of the Medway flood plain towards East Malling.
Seven of us set out on a grey cloudy and coldish day from the Bluebell Hill picnic site.
We walked along the ancient trackway which is sometimes erroneously named the pilgrims way.
This route has existed for tens of thousands of years ,and along its route we passed a Tumulus and the site where the Roman Legion under Vespasian laagered by the River Medway facing the defending "British"tribes on the far bank,in 43 AD. A specialist team of swimming troops and cavalry outflanked the local tribes and attacked them from the front and the rear simeltaneously.
We carried on along the Trackway to Borstal and made our way onto the road bridge,where there is pedestrian and cycle access.After a short break on the other side ,we returned and followed the motorway and rail link until we turned into the Bridge woods .
After an uphill struggle we emerged at the Robin Hood pub,which has roots going back 600 years .
I wonder if medieval travellers had to go and get their own eating irons,when their lunch was served?
After a good lunch we ambled back to the picnic site via the nature reserve,noting the fine views again.

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