Paleolithic rock shelter.

Friday, June 30, 2006

27 June Leeds Castle (again)

Owing a cock up on the communications front and holidays ,just three of us went for our default walk to Leeds Castle ,which is quite close.
We don't pay to get in (normally in excess of £10 each ) as we access the grounds via the public footpath.
It was sunny and hot and luckily for the local cricket team ,there was no match in play when we crossed their pitch.
One of the joys of walking in the country is the variety of animal droppings that you have the opportunity of walking in,here are a few listed;-Sheep,Cattle,Dogs,Rabbits,Birds etc .
Hence the need to take spare footwear for the car journey back.The Castle grounds had been used the previous weekend for a Tom Jones concert (well worth a miss)and I believe Simply Red will be appearing soon(nuff said)
We retired to my house where the hammock was admired and bacon sandwiches were served al freso.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

21 June Gravesend to the Marshes 8 miles

By train from Aylesford to Gravesend a reasonable £5.40 return.The weather was kind to us.Warm and very windy and sunny.We RV'd at the station at Gravesend and walked through the town to Denton Slipway and the start of the Medway Thames canal.
Past old or derelict industrial warehouses.
We followed this path for about 3 miles ,to an intersecting footpath that took us to Shornemead fort,where we stopped to eat our sandwiches and gaze at the big sky,and the passing cargo ships.We were disturbed by a (what is the collective noun?)heard of horses,that went stampeding by,full of high spirits.There was plenty of Kentish ragstone lying about that contained fossils.
We followed along the sea wall,passing the police battle school ,from whence the sounds of firearms was heard.
At the Ship and Lobster pub on the sea wall (the first pub that returning sailors could visit on their way up from the coast)we had a glass of beer and then continued into the town via the Gordon promenade and parks and old back streets.
A very mystical area that can change its character with the weather,
the setting for Great Expectations and the excellent black and white film made in the 40's here.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 14th Paris via Eurostar

PARIS.A very nice city with plenty to see Vive la Difference!

Four of us set off to Paris from Ashford via Eurostar at 07.30 and arrived via the tunnel in Paris at about 10.30 (through a time zone)
The normal fare is about£60 but we wangled a 2 for 1 deal
After setting off in the general direction of the Seine ,we used the free,pavement mounted public toilet,and then found a nice cafe.
Contrary to the negative impression created by the media, the French are very courteous and helpful and even helped us (unasked) with directions.
Somehow they could tell we were rosbifs.
The weather was excellent for sightseeing,and superior to south eastern England,where there were thunderstorms.We walked along the Seine by the Louvre and then into the Jardin de Tuileries,where we sat and ate our sandwiches.Along the Champs Elysees to teh Arc de Triomphe.
Paris was a little more busy at this point and we decided that we would ride the Metro back towards the north east.The Metro was clean efficeient and easy to understand,and tickets were cheap.
We found a nice restaurant near Gare du Nord and spent a whole two hours sitting outside watching the world go by and drinking beer or coffee until it was time to go for our train.
A 100% enjoyable day out with only positive things to say about the trip.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

8 June Imperial War Museum London

As a change from rural rambling,someone suggested the Imperial War Museum at Lambeth.
We met at Victoria station,where there was a preserved steam Loco ,with pullman carriages waiting to go.And walked up Victoria street,past Westminster Abbey,Parliament,and over the bridge to Kennington ,and the museum.Dave was waiting in the park ,outside the museum, eating his lunch .
We spent from 11.00 to about 14.00 looking at the exhibits and then adjourned to the pub across on the corner for a pie and a pint,good grub cheerful pretty barmaids.After our break and back to the museum,where the Blitz air raid shelter,and the Holocaust exhibits were especially well done and thought-provoking.The concourse of the museum is light and airy,but some of the exhibits are poorly lit.But it was free,and covered all subjects connected with war ,even terrorism.
We spent until 17.00 strolling about,then set off back to the Termini.
We walked past the London Eye,and stopped for a coffee at the QE Hall.across the new Hungerford foot bridge,past Trafalgar square(Nelson in scaffolding)Through St James's park,where there was a full dress rehearsal for Trooping the Colour .
Past the world's most famous police station (that isn't) Scotland Yard
At Victoria we split up for our respective trains,mine was packed,and very unpleasant,with no air conditioning,and people yakking into cellphones!
The day was very enjoyable and different from our usual days out.I think it will make us appreciate the countryside even more.