Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

21 June Gravesend to the Marshes 8 miles

By train from Aylesford to Gravesend a reasonable £5.40 return.The weather was kind to us.Warm and very windy and sunny.We RV'd at the station at Gravesend and walked through the town to Denton Slipway and the start of the Medway Thames canal.
Past old or derelict industrial warehouses.
We followed this path for about 3 miles ,to an intersecting footpath that took us to Shornemead fort,where we stopped to eat our sandwiches and gaze at the big sky,and the passing cargo ships.We were disturbed by a (what is the collective noun?)heard of horses,that went stampeding by,full of high spirits.There was plenty of Kentish ragstone lying about that contained fossils.
We followed along the sea wall,passing the police battle school ,from whence the sounds of firearms was heard.
At the Ship and Lobster pub on the sea wall (the first pub that returning sailors could visit on their way up from the coast)we had a glass of beer and then continued into the town via the Gordon promenade and parks and old back streets.
A very mystical area that can change its character with the weather,
the setting for Great Expectations and the excellent black and white film made in the 40's here.

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