Paleolithic rock shelter.

Friday, June 30, 2006

27 June Leeds Castle (again)

Owing a cock up on the communications front and holidays ,just three of us went for our default walk to Leeds Castle ,which is quite close.
We don't pay to get in (normally in excess of £10 each ) as we access the grounds via the public footpath.
It was sunny and hot and luckily for the local cricket team ,there was no match in play when we crossed their pitch.
One of the joys of walking in the country is the variety of animal droppings that you have the opportunity of walking in,here are a few listed;-Sheep,Cattle,Dogs,Rabbits,Birds etc .
Hence the need to take spare footwear for the car journey back.The Castle grounds had been used the previous weekend for a Tom Jones concert (well worth a miss)and I believe Simply Red will be appearing soon(nuff said)
We retired to my house where the hammock was admired and bacon sandwiches were served al freso.

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