Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

5th July White Cliffs of Dover Langdon Beach

answer below##

If you look carefully(click to enlarge to hi-res)you can see the verical ladder to the beach,which is accessed by a path that zig-zags down the cliff face .It's about 100 metres down from the lowest point on the white cliffs ,and not for the faint hearted.The beach has two old WW2 searchlights and an underground gallery carved into the chalk.The beach has few visitors owing to the very steep and scary climb.There are several ship wrecks on the beach (as mentioned in the book Calamity Corner)
During our visit in Dec 2005 we decided to look for this almost secret path and said we would return one day (see Weblog archive)
We drove to Dover and parked at the National Trust car park,and set off for the top of the path.
We did not know for sure where the access path down to the beach started and used our instinct to guide us.After about 2 Km we found the top of the path and started to descend.
It was a little dodgy and we finally came to the ladder on to the beach.It wa s a hot and sunny/misty day and the sea breeze was most welcome.The ferries kept emerging suddenly from the mist in a ghost- like manner.
The beach was full of interesting artefacts ,including a rusty object that looked just like a landmine.It was thought to be a sensible idea to hurl rocks at it,to see if it would go bang.
After an hour or so on the beach we headed back up the track (non-stop)and finally made the top where we flopped down on the grass to enjoy the view.
We retired to the SWINGATE INN up the road to a really excellent,inexpensive lunch served by cheerful and attractive young ladies.

## An evening visit from a retired TA Bomb Disposal Officer put my mind at rest

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