Paleolithic rock shelter.

Friday, July 07, 2006

7th July Charing circular walk 13 miles no stops!

Richard 3rd's son's tomb Ray plodding along stadily

North Downs Way nice surface

A test of endurance ; starting from the Bishops Palace Charing ,and climbing to the North Downs way ,an overcast day but warm with the threat of rain.The going was good underfoot and we made good progress.
We popped into the grounds of the abandoned St Mary's church Eastwell,where the tomb of the base born son of Richard Plantaginet is interred.
("A Horse a horse ,my kingdom for a horse")
Richard III was the last English monarch to die on the field of battle,
and his son went into hiding on the Eastwell Manor estate of Sir Thomas Moyle.
After the church we climbed up towards Challock church (isolated by the plague)and met the Charing-Canterbury road,then turned into Dunn Street where it started to rain.
We were getting tired by this stage and luckily there were no decent hills on the way back.
At Dunn street we retraced our steps to Charing where we had the traditional pub lunch.
A very long non stop walk of at least 13 miles ,in order to test our capabilities.
Its actually a half-marathon and uses as many calories as if we had run the course!
One pair of boots have disintegrated, and we will all have a little nap to recover later.(seperately)

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