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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

9 August Yalding to Maidstone along towpath

There is still a lot of greenery despite the drought,but then the river provides quite a bit of moisture.The paths are a little dry ,but the trees with their feet in the water are doing OK.
We caught the train to Yalding and disembarked(or debarked)and after a little confusion restarted our second section of the walk,the 7 miles (11KM) from Yalding into Maidstone.
It was a little misty,cloudy and damp and soon it started to rain in a half-hearted manner.
We passed several locks ,but there was little traffic on the river,which was quite quiescent.
At Teston,we stopped to eat from our packed lunches and assisted a boat through the lock,as it started to rain again.After putting on the waterproof clothing,the sun came out and it became really hot!So we had to stop and disrobe.
There were some nice properties sloping down to the banks of the river Medway with manicured lawns.Towards the town of Maidstone,blocks of flats are being erected,this is now the norm on disused industrial land.
We soon entered the town's environs near the courthouse and crossed the millenium bridge and decided to have a cup of coffee at the Star Arcade ,we spent a pleasant half-hour watching the office girls go by and then boarded the bus back home.

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