Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Formation Grass eating team

A nice pre-autumn day with plenty of sunshine and little wind.The walk started at the church with the spire on the side of the escarpment.We walked through orchards bursting with apples ,plums and pears ,I have retained a few for culinary study later.We turned right after a couple of miles "by the Oak trees"which were no longer standing.Down the hill to the stream where there were a few new-born calves in a field.Crossing the main Chatham to Hastings road we were soon in the orchards again and turned to flog up the side of a steep hill without stopping.
An elaborate steel footbridge crosses a lane and is purely for ramblers. With the spire now visible we made it back to the car park and had a cup of coffee from the flask before setting off home.7 miles in 3 hours ,(1 hour too fast)

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