Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Leysdown-Shellness Bird reserve

A nice day,temperate,hazy sun,a strong wind from the south.
We parked at Muswell manor and walked across the dykes to Harty and through the farm to the sea wall.
Following the wall,we stopped briefly to chat to a couple of birders,telling them of the Marsh Harriers,Curlews and Lapwings etc that we had seen
At the end of the wall,we turned towards Shell ness beach and ,when there ,sat down to have our coffee and take some pictures.The beach takes its name from the masses of sea shells piled up on the beach.The tide was coming in and we watched the thousands of sea birds flying past.
Back along the beach,past the naturist beach to the car.
We left the Isle of Sheppey via the old lift bridge which was raised.
About 7 or 8 miles .

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Short Walk into Leeds Castle

A lovely end of summer day,warm and still with dew on the grass.
We thought a short stroll this week,so parking at Leeds church we walked into the grounds of the castle visited the barbican,the aviary and the maze
We had a large pot of coffee for 5 in the restaurant,and strolled through tha gradens.
We made our way back to the Church and adjourned for lunch at the local supermarket.
A very pleasant unhurried 4 milewalk

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Aylesford to Wouldham along the Medway

A walk of ten or eleven miles through industrial, abandoned industrial,or farming landscape.
We walked past tha Friars Carmelite Monastry Aylesford,and along to Bushey Wood where we poked around in a field where there was the site of a Roman villa on the map,we found some old Roman tile and brick,but nothing else.
We carried on past abandoned chalk quarries to Burham court and followed the path around the meandering river bends.We stopped briefly at the site of the Roman crossing in 43 AD,where it is possible at spring tides to walk across the river bed,and this is the point that pilgrims could have crossed on their way to Canterbury.
On to Wouldham where the Purser (Mr Burke) from H.M.S.Victory ,who cradled Nelson in his arms at the Battle of Trafalgar ,is buried .
After a quick pint of beer,we started back to Aylesford.
It was humid 70% and hot with an occasional breeze.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

LONDON PARKS WALK (Diana memorial walk)

A different walk this week,the three London parks ,St James's,Green park and Hyde park and Kensington gardens.This is known as the Diana memorial walk and is of 7 miles,and takes in the three main parks ,and avoids walking along roads (mostly)
The large (800mm) Bronze disc is set into the path along the walk at intervals and is relatively easy to follow.The plants and trees look exceptionally good after the recent rainfall,and are a credit to their keepers.
There is plenty to see ,which in our case included the changing of the guard,which was from the Brigade of Guards to the Royal Engineers who seemed to come in all shapes and sizes.
It was a hot day (top 20's )but there was a nice breeze blowing.
We stopped for a nice sandwich at the Dell Restaurant near the Serpentine ,and watched the world go by.
Kensington Palace was pretty active ,with tributes and flowers on the railings ,
as it is the anniversary of the death Of the Princess of Wales in 1997.
A good walk which would be enjoyable in any weather,which I think we will do again one day,when lost for ideas.
maybe more pix later.