Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Aylesford to Wouldham along the Medway

A walk of ten or eleven miles through industrial, abandoned industrial,or farming landscape.
We walked past tha Friars Carmelite Monastry Aylesford,and along to Bushey Wood where we poked around in a field where there was the site of a Roman villa on the map,we found some old Roman tile and brick,but nothing else.
We carried on past abandoned chalk quarries to Burham court and followed the path around the meandering river bends.We stopped briefly at the site of the Roman crossing in 43 AD,where it is possible at spring tides to walk across the river bed,and this is the point that pilgrims could have crossed on their way to Canterbury.
On to Wouldham where the Purser (Mr Burke) from H.M.S.Victory ,who cradled Nelson in his arms at the Battle of Trafalgar ,is buried .
After a quick pint of beer,we started back to Aylesford.
It was humid 70% and hot with an occasional breeze.

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