Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Leysdown to Warden Point Isle of Sheppy

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Top picture shows large ship passing to port of Shivering Sands Anti Aircraft towers
As you can see,a perfect walking day,with a good breeze clear skies and occasionally warm sun.
We set off from the flat beach in the distance and walked along the base of the sea wall to the top of these crumbling cliffs.Blackberries in abundance,very few people around,and paths once busy,now disappearing over the edge of the eroded cliff.
A few caravan sites but no holidaymakers.
An occasion where it was possible to see right to the horizon,and the shipping entering and leaving the Thames Estuary.The Wind farm at Herne Bay and even Reculver church were clearly visible. An excellent day for it ,about 6 miles walked.

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