Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Farthing common Tolsford and Postling

Folkestone with France in distance
notice the ships keeping to the right
hi res pic

A non-muddy footpath

Straggler and gate guardian

Tolsford micro tower

A lovely crisp breezy day ,with the sun providing occasional and welcome warmth
We left the car at Farthing common and set off down the North Downs way loop.
Reaching the top of the coombe after a steep climb,we had an excellent view of Postling village
450 feet below.We carried on to Tolsford hill and the microwave tower,where we paused for a cup of coffee from our flasks.Descending the hill ,the track was very muddy owing to 4 x 4 use ,
but we soon turned back towards Postling and on a good firm path.Through the village and back to the North Downs way a bit of a climb and then back over our previous tracks.
About 6 miles sunny with blue skies and a cold wind.back to Grove Green for lunch.

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