Paleolithic rock shelter.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The rain and fog begin to roll in off the sea
We can use this agianst him at alater date

Well,-it started off mild and dry with a light wind.We set off up to the cliff top by the Martello tower and it was a long hard slog.However,we made the top OK and stopped off at the Battle of Britain memorial site and after a good look around we set off agin towards the east.Visibility was reducing out to sea,and a slight drizzle started.
After a while the waterproofs were donned,and the rain began in ernest. Another steep down and up and then along the cliff edge path,unble to see the waves but hear them hundreds of feet below.
A welcome surprise was the Clifftop Cafe which has reopened after cliff edge erosion.A very welcome mug of tea a rest and then off towards Dover.
After a while one of our party with more sense that the rest suggested that it was silly to continue visibility was only 20 feet.
So we turned around and went back.
The usual suspects fell over ,as it was now muddy and very slippery.
We changed into dry clothes (those equipped)and drove back to Maidstone where we had Fish and Chips in the warm.
Lots of laundry and drying-out tonight,but an interesting walk which we will re-do in the summer.

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