Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Westerham and Chartwell a walk in the woods

This ,as you can see is a very steep footpath

An excellent sunny cold day ,a drive of about an hour to Westerham,to park in the village.
Past Winston Churchill's statue and across the beginnings of the River Darent to the top of the hill.
Looking back we could see the other side of the valley facing us,and the cold wind was clearing the air making for excellent visibility .Through the beech woods and past pretty little houses nestling in the trees. The hills were steep and demanding and the exercise kept us very warm.It is autumn and the forest floor was carpeted with leaves and the occasional fungi.We found a set of garden furniture in the woods placed especially for hikers,so we sat a while .
More steep ups and downs and then into Horsey Woods the sun shining through the branches .One last steep climb and then back down to Westerham.In the car park we again encountered two lady hikers ,we mentioned that we were going to lunch at the White Hart Brasted,and hoped to see some mention of the Battle of Britain pilots that used it as their watering hole in 1940.It turned out that one of the ladies was the daughter of the wartime publican at the White Hart and was au fait with all the history.What a coincidence.
The White Hart had been recconoitered recently and was well up to expectations.
The food was superb,and not expensive,the pub was very busy ,but coped well.
An excellent day out (as usual)

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