Paleolithic rock shelter.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Fairbourne Mill Harrietsham a chocolate box picture

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We started a mile from the Railway station and after a 20 minute brisk walk arrived with 15 minutes to spare.
The ticket clerk gave us a group ticket for £1.90 each to Lenham
It was a lovely sunny day a bit chilly to start with no wind at all.The train was nice and warm,which didn't help us acclimatise!

From Lenham station(10 minutes ride)we set off on the Len Valley Walk and after a short stretch on a busy road we turned onto the path proper.A nice "Beware of the Bull"faced us but we are all used to Bull having been in the Civil Service.

The sun stayed low in the sky and we warmed up as we walked across the frosty fields.
Crossing the M20 motorway and the CTRL high speed rail link,we left the noise behind.
We saw a rabbit with mixamatosis that stayed still instead of running away from us.

Next we came to Fairbourne mill and took some chocolate box type pictures.
After a little amnesia re the route we stopped at Broomfield Church for our packed lunch,and then carried on into the environs of Leeds castle.Through Leeds village we encountered some ambiguity regarding the route and the footpath signs.We found a way through and then crossed down into Caring and then following the various rivulets back to Bearsted.
We did 11 miles and took 4.5 hours and were a little tired at the finish.
A memorable walk-perfect walking weather .

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shoreham Lullingstone River Darent

Roman Mosaic Lullingstone

A 7 mile circular walk with a steep uphill climb to start.Nice views of the valleys and the smell of woodsmoke from the country cottages.A preserved steam train blowing its whistle and the feather of steam from the boiler.After reaching the golf course the walk was more open and level or even downhill.there were some impressive Oak and Beech trees,just on the turn for autumn.
A mild day with a threat of rain,and dampness in the air and underfoot.
We stopped briefly at Lullingstone Roman Villa and had a peep inside.It has one of the best English mosaics of the period.
We then set off along the banks of the River Darent ,meeting quite a few people walking their dogs etc.The pics above show the lovely verdant countryside
Back through the village with its well preserved flint cottages ,to the car park and off home.
A nice challenging walk with kind weather and a little mud.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back to Langdon Beach Dover

Just like a load of kids throwing rocks into the sea,climbing up the cliff face etc

Five of us revisit Langdon beach @ Dover Cliffs because its so exciting! A steep climb down (see photos) of about 100 metres and then down the vertical ladder at the old wartime searchlight battery in the cliff face.A misty rainy day ,but quite mild,and suprisingly not as exhausting a climb as in the summer.We revisited the Swingate public house and had a very nice roast lunch
served with the usual cheeriness.Only about 4 miles,maybe a longer walk next week.
As we left Dover the sun came out.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Leysdown to Warden Point Isle of Sheppy

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Top picture shows large ship passing to port of Shivering Sands Anti Aircraft towers
As you can see,a perfect walking day,with a good breeze clear skies and occasionally warm sun.
We set off from the flat beach in the distance and walked along the base of the sea wall to the top of these crumbling cliffs.Blackberries in abundance,very few people around,and paths once busy,now disappearing over the edge of the eroded cliff.
A few caravan sites but no holidaymakers.
An occasion where it was possible to see right to the horizon,and the shipping entering and leaving the Thames Estuary.The Wind farm at Herne Bay and even Reculver church were clearly visible. An excellent day for it ,about 6 miles walked.