Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Trosley Country Park Anniversary winter solstice walk

Coldrum Stones Megalithic tomb
Ancient Yew trees reaching out for sun light

Who's the short geezer?(Rolo)son of Graham the Keeper of oil fired boilers .

As you can see from the pictures, it is cold and frosty and very misty,the sun is driving the mist away and losing the battle.Its a damp-cold that gets into the bones,so after our quick snack in the log cabin we get walking.we came this way on the same day last year,to celebrate the winter solstice at the burial tomb which is 4,000 years old.A muddy walk and a struggle up hill towards the end.we had more refreshments by the log-burner when we returned.
Good to get home and have a warm-up,still,its worth it and its good fun.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Harty Ferry Shellness Bird reserve

A windy coldish day with grey skies followed by the sun bursting out from behind the clouds.
We saw a Marsh Harrier on its own in the bird reserve.(usually a pair in flight)
A rather muddy walk,familiar to us from earlier in the year,which took us to the excellent Ferry Inn at Harty,where there was a log fire and very pretty girls serving.We had an excellent traditional meat pie for lunch and then carried on with the remainder of the 8 miles back to Leysdown.The wind became very strong as we walked along the top of the inner sea wall.

We passed over the new road bridge back towards Sittingbourne.A good walk of about 8 miles

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Half marathon Charing

A 13 mile circular walk in the Charing Eastwell Challock area in the pouring rain,with temperatures of about 7 degrees C and a wind speed of 40 mph.Lots and lots of mud and slipping,and only one other person on foot in the rain,a young lady running with her dog.
Sorry no pictures because the camera would have gone rusty
Even getting there was difficult owing to flooding and the motorway being used to park the trucks for the Cross Channel ferries
the good spot was the thermos of hot coffee half way around
(don't ask me why this is underlined--I don't know) "deus ex machina "explains it