Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

East Malling to West Malling via Barming etc.

An unusually perfect day in January with bright sunshine and a frosty start warming up as we went along.
FromEast Malling Research,we went to Barming water tower and then into Barming woods,where coppicing was in progress and the tracks were very muddy .After some map reading difficulties,we headed off west instead of north ,but it all turned out OK in the end.We stopped for coffee at the North Pole (a wierd place name in Kent)and then on through Red Hill farm where we heard a Merlin engine approaching,and a Spitfire flew past at 500' returning 10 minutes later--what a sight!.From there to West Malling aerodrome and into Pikey lane and over the new bypass into West Malling where we stopped at the Five Pointed Star for lunch,which was excellent,although one meal would do for two people.It was reasonably priced and the service cheerful and efficient,and I banged my head on the beams just twice.Returning,we went via Lavender lane and across the fields and up the footpaths to east Malling village and back home.I think it was about 8 miles ,a very good day out

Friday, January 26, 2007

Elmley Island Sheppey bird reserve

In a word Bleak.It was a freezing cold morning and all the runnels and channels were frozen.
A strong bitter wind was blowing and wooly hats were pulled down over ears to compensate.
Elmley Island,The Village that disappeared,It used to have a church,Inn etc but now only one farm in a 20 sq Km area with only half a dozen trees.We stopped half way for a thermos of coffee and a rest.A bit muddy along the top of the sea wall,the average height of the land is just 2M Above Sea Level .A walk of about 7 miles .Good to get back home after the obligatory visit to a greasy spoon

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bedgebury Pinetum & Bedgebury Forest

As you can see,a little wintery,
about 0 degrees C
and a raw north wind blowing.
It's Bedgebury national Pinetum which is connected to Bedgebury Forest and with the new visitor centre and Caff,and bike hire,makes a good day out.We parked after sliding out of control towards a road sign,and obtained a map from the centre.It was very easy to follow,and used in conjuction with the excellent waymarker posts made the navigator's job a very easy one for once.All the trails/tracks are crushed stone and it was a joy to be mud-free.We covered about 8 miles by combining two of the walks.
We called in at an Inn at Linton on the way back but the prices were a bit pretentious,so we revved up and......
We will definitely visit here again as it's a bit of a doddle,and not much in the way of steep hills.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mote Park to Maidstone

This sort of thing is not supposed to be good for you,but after walking in the torrential rain and high wind,then it's excusable,along with a pot of tea ,toast and a very attractive waitress.
We decided not to go too far as the weather was extreme again.So We walked through Mote Park into town and down Pudding lane for breakfast.
A little light shopping and then back.
Only 4 miles but very wet and about 11 C

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Herne Bay to Reculver Fossil hunt

Owing to very wet weather ,a walk was chosen which would include concrete underfoot for a good part of the way.
We therefore walked along the beach/sea wall and diverted to the spit of land near the fossil cliffs
just before reculver.We were unable to find any fossilised shark's teeth,but we did find that the pub (The King Ethelred)was open and welcoming.We spent an hour having lunch and waited for the rain to diminish,but it didn't so we went out into the storm,fully kitted.
The wind and rain was in our faces as we walked back along the shingle beach,and it was quite hard going.Then the sun came out and the walk became a little easier.All our waterproof gear(christmas presents included)was up to the task.
Gales had piled shingle up against the sea wall,and further gales are expected tonight reaching in exess of 70mph.
Mild windy 11 degrees C about 5 to 6 miles .

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Harrietsham close encounters with strange animals

Well,I've had a look on Google and it might be an EMU,but what's it doing in Kent?
In the background with its back to us was a Wallaby(?) and the Goats look a bit unusual
We walked from Harrietsham church,and along the North Downs way to Ringlestone.
We got to ringlestone so early(10.30)that the Inn was not open so we sat in the light drizzle and had our cofee and biscuits that we had brought along.
On our way back we encountered these things.they all seemed friendly(except wallaby)
and intelligent,and we resisited the temptation to feed them.
On the way back I had a little map reading problem and a private resident told us we were walking down his private drive.I apologised and offered to backtrack but he relented.
A dull grey ,windy,slightly drizzly,muddy day of about 10 deg C.
Off to tesco for breakfast after.about 5 miles and 2 hours.