Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Harrietsham close encounters with strange animals

Well,I've had a look on Google and it might be an EMU,but what's it doing in Kent?
In the background with its back to us was a Wallaby(?) and the Goats look a bit unusual
We walked from Harrietsham church,and along the North Downs way to Ringlestone.
We got to ringlestone so early(10.30)that the Inn was not open so we sat in the light drizzle and had our cofee and biscuits that we had brought along.
On our way back we encountered these things.they all seemed friendly(except wallaby)
and intelligent,and we resisited the temptation to feed them.
On the way back I had a little map reading problem and a private resident told us we were walking down his private drive.I apologised and offered to backtrack but he relented.
A dull grey ,windy,slightly drizzly,muddy day of about 10 deg C.
Off to tesco for breakfast after.about 5 miles and 2 hours.

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