Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Herne Bay to Reculver Fossil hunt

Owing to very wet weather ,a walk was chosen which would include concrete underfoot for a good part of the way.
We therefore walked along the beach/sea wall and diverted to the spit of land near the fossil cliffs
just before reculver.We were unable to find any fossilised shark's teeth,but we did find that the pub (The King Ethelred)was open and welcoming.We spent an hour having lunch and waited for the rain to diminish,but it didn't so we went out into the storm,fully kitted.
The wind and rain was in our faces as we walked back along the shingle beach,and it was quite hard going.Then the sun came out and the walk became a little easier.All our waterproof gear(christmas presents included)was up to the task.
Gales had piled shingle up against the sea wall,and further gales are expected tonight reaching in exess of 70mph.
Mild windy 11 degrees C about 5 to 6 miles .

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