Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bridge Bekesbourne Pett bottom(!)

A circular walk of 10 miles taking about 5 hours with stops.The weather started grey,and cold,but the sun burst through and the temperature went up to about 17 C.
We started at Bridge on the old Roman road Watling street ,which has been the main artery into Britain for 2000 years.It has now been bypassed and is quiet and sleepy.
The walk stated in parkland and then after passing the local cricket ground,followed the path of the abandoned railway line that linked Canterbury to Folkestone.We climbed the hill to the ridge and took to the woods (after some navigational difficulties)the paths were well-worn and the views were good.Lots of sheep bleating at our invasion as we passed prosperous looking farms.
More uphill(more complaining)but the weather meant that all the kit we were waering had to be taken off and stowed in our daysacks.No mud for once,and lots of nature study stuff to look at.
After about 4 hours the sun went in and the sky resumed a grey colour.We were a bit tired at this point,and could see our goal in the distance.On arrival at Bridge we called into a small bakers for drinks and cakes.

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