Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Crab and Winkle railway line

The world's oldest regular passenger carrying railway.Canterbury to Whitstable
We started at Gypsy corner and took a 7 mile circular route through Blean Woods
and followed part of the route of the old Crab and winkle line.
The track bed is still visible and is being turned into a cycle route.
We crossed the Caturbury road and proceeded into the woods after leaving the rail path.
After about a mile the map was ambiguous and our navigator had qualms.
after taking a compass bearing and a hike through the woods ,we came out into open fields which we skirted,and then had to pass over swollen streams which would normally have been wet ditches
this meant an army type obstacle course,but luckily no one fell in,although the stinging nettles still hurt after 8 hours!A very muddy walk in places,we did not stop for lunch as tempit was fugiting.
the picture shows the railway course quite well.It closed in 1953 after being reopened to help with the disasterous floods.Next week-somewhere dry.

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