Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cranbrook Sissinghurst castle circular walk

All high-res photos,#3 shows what appear to be Bluebells in a sheltered glade,appearing about 6 weeks early.
We started our walk at Cranbrook church(very big)and although it was around +2C with a wind blowing from the north,we soon heated up and started to disrobe.The walk was expected to be very muddy,but the early part was really very nice and firm underfoot.After Sissinghurst village we walked towards the famous castle and sat in the grounds and drank our coffee.Returning in the general direction of Cranbrook via a different route,we crossed the main road and followed the path of an old Roman road which was no longer visible.Through some lovely woods with little footbridges and out onto the road for a short while.Back onto the footpath,things deteriorated,and we had to walk along a very muddy stream going downhill.We met another group of ramblers going up and gave them the good news.We turned back to a field footpath and after about 45 minutes were back at the car park.We found a nice coffee shop in Cranbrook and after had a good drive back. about 6 or 7 miles and 3 hours.

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