Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Appledore to Warehorne and back via Royal Military Canal

From the top

The Royal Military Canal


History board

Fillet of Cod in Beer Batter with salad,Chips peas and BEER

The Woolpack Inn Warehorne (16th century)Log fire,food etc

A drainage channel or "sewer" that drains the marsh which is only 6 feet above sea level

Kenardington Church,initially fortified to ward off marauding Vikings etc and modified over the centuries,and during the 21st century is receiving attention from scaffolders.

Walking to a Tumulus(burial mound pre-historic)at 50 feet the highest thing for miles.It's bloody cold,(always is at the start)Hunched shoulders and head down into the wind.

We parked at Appledore and set off across fields to the Tumulus.Lots of Sheep with lambs in the fields;and a sky,one minute sunny,the next menacing.A cold north wind,which we shrugged off and continued on our way,across recently harrowed fields. All too soon, after passing a Badgers Sett,we came upon Kenardington church,standing in isolation(a plague church?)we decided,that,as it was early,we would continue to Warehorne to see if the pub was open.From some distance away we could smell woodsmoke (cherry ,apple?) coming from the pub's log fire.It was open ,and we settled down to wait for the Chef to start work.As you can see, the meal was of large proportion,and we thought, a reasonable price.We fiished our meal,and after a brief look around the church opposite,made our way south and joined the Royal military Canal(see history board pic)after this it was plain sailing,all on the level and no mapreading required.

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