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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Docklands Light Railway.

Yours Truly ,in the Greenwich foot tunnel singing the Cockney Anthem
"Maybe it's a Big Horse"(I'm a Londoner)

Looking Upstream to Canon Street Rail terminus

London Eye,lots of people milling around on the South Bank,lots to see,lots to do.

A Thames Driftwood collector,a very important task, to prevent damage to craft on the river

The Docklands Light Railway utilises old dock rail tracks and some new routes to cover Docklands and London City Airport and Lewisham.New lines being added all the time.
NO DRIVERS!all done by computers,so you can sit in the front and whoosh through the tunnels playing train drivers!A little gem overlooked by most tourists

HIGH RES PIC of a MUDLARK(fur coated)on the Thames at low water

A Map of the Docklands Light railway,and One day travel card from West Malling including travel on Trains Buses and Underground in all London Zones (3 travel for the price of 2)

A lovely sunny day and a 2 mile walk from East Malling R.S to West Malling station where the express to London Bridge stops, before going non-stop to London.
A fast 45 minute journey,and we emerged into the bright sunshine and crossed London Bridge on foot.We made our way to Bank underground station and the new extension of the DLR,which is below all the existing tube tunnels.
The trains are computer controlled and have no driver so we pushed to the front and sat in the front of the first carriage and had the unusual drivers-eye-view of an underground tunnel.
We passed through docklands gawping at the buildings like Pip in Great Expectations.
We de- trained at london City airport where we graced their presence by using the toilet facilities. Catching the next rain back to Poplar(which was popular)we changed there and went under the Thames to Cutty sark(which was being re-re furbished)we went for a nice cup of coffee and then down the pedestrian tunnel under the river to Island gardens.We caught a train back to Bank station(every 10 minutes frequency).
We had a brief wander around the outside of St Pauls cathedral and then crossed the Thames back to the south bank via the millenium bridge.We walked along the south bank and crossed Westminster bridge and along Victoria street to Victoria station,where a train was waiting for us.
We encountered a friend on the train so scrounged a lift back to East Malling thus saving a 2 mile walk.
I think we did about 5 miles altogether.

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