Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gravesend Town to Shorne mead Fort

We've no idea what was in these containers on the barge what do you think?
We have since ascertained that its Sierra Hotel One Tango from London
That little grass bump is the sea wall,with the River Thames and a small ferry the other side

This one entitled "You never know it might just come in handy one day"
This area (Denton)was,in the 60's a hub of industrial activity-now-entropy-meamorphisis

A story board for the foreshore at Gravesend by the Gordon Promenade,lots of history,more than you could shake a stick at.

Roast Beef,Roast potatoes,Yorkshire pudding,and yes I did eat my greens for once
All from the Three Daws pub at Gravesend,very old 1488 facing the River Thames.

A lovely sunny warm day-spring has sprung.
After scrutinising the train times on the internet,one group set off from Sittingbourne and another from Aylesford.At Strood we changed trains and rang the others to see where they were.We had the reply"near a telegraph pole"when we arrived at Gravesend,they were 2 seats behind us on the same train!
We detrained and rather than pass a nice Italian coffee shop,in Windmill street,we sat outside and watched the fine citizens of Gravesend go about their business(It's a nice town)
Down to the promenade and after lots of photography we turned right and headed along the Saxon Shore Way (it runs from Gravesend to Hastings)Through all the old abandoned industrial sites and past vehicle workshops ,welding companies,engineering firms etc and out on to the open road that leads past the Seamans training school.On our right(should have been our left)was the Medway-Gravesend canal(disused)we had to cross this to get where we were supposed to be.Another mile or so and then turned left towards Shoremead Fort ,where we sat on the sea wall and watched the various vessels going by,and savouring retirement.
We continued back on the sea wall looking at all the flotsam and jetsam washed up to the high water mark(some really nice big bits of wood)
We came to the Three Daws pub and ordered lunch and decided to sit inside overlooking the Thames.
A good lunch ,a chat with an ex-Royal Navy man and then back to the train.
A good day,not too far this time about 6 miles.

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