Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Penshurst walk in the bluebell woods

Sidney's Oak one of britains top 50 is 1000, yes, one thousand years old and has saplings grown from acorns on the estate , which have also been sent all over the world.The gardens date from 1350.

This is what we came to see(whilst they remain)

Crisis of confidence direction wise

This is quite interesting ,its a list of vicars from 1278 up to 1973 It's HIGH RES so click it up

St Mary the Virgin Chiddingstone

The graveyard is beckoning,about 300 years worth there.

Look-not a football hooligan in sight!

White bluebells(Whitebells?)with their relatives

A bit of a dull day(thankfully)we set off for Penshurst village and after a minor hiatus arrived and debussed.Our mission was to find an carpet of bluebells between an avenue of Oaks that I remembered from 9 years ago.the scenery was awe inspiring and we appeared to be under the departure lane for London Gatwick LGW but the bird song took the edge off that.
Lots of mature trees (very very)and some nice walking country.The dried mud indicated that,a couple of weeks ago this would have been a very difficult walk.
The map instructions were incorrect on several occasions ,and we had to backtrack .
A field full of Jersey(?)cows with a solitary(tired looking)Bull was crossed without incident,apart from them all following us to the top of the field.

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