Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Harty Ferry Bird reserve circular walk.

Whilst we were waiting at the RVP we saw a Marsh Harrier hunting in the field alongside
Its a lot lighter than in the picture and was by itself(unusual hereabouts)
You can't see this but,it's raining horizontally and its about 10 degrees Celsius and blowing hard

Can they really break your arm?has anyone ever had their arm broken ?

A day that was forecast to be very rainy. Well, we made it to the HartyInn OK, and had our usual impeccable lunch there. A good menu with Venison and Pheasant among the Sausage and Mash and Liver and Bacon, although this simple fare was excellently cooked .
It started raining as we gird our loins to set out again along the sea wall.
It was not too bad inland but up on the wall we were exposed and the rain came lashing in horizontally from our right ,so it was a case of pull your hood up, bow your head and keep going. Unsurprisingly,the nudist beach had no takers ,as it was only about 10 deg C.
An interesting fellow was encountered at the start, using divining rods to search for "ordnance", and he had not had a positive result.(not this day anyway)apart from that we passed no other walkers/birdwatchers which is not unusual and certainly not in such grim weather.Home to a hot bath and tea.We did about 8 miles .

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