Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Maidstone short river cruise to Allington

Maidstone town centre there's a webcam here abouts somewhere
Some of the floating Gin Palaces at the Allington marina
Some of the older larger vessels ,mainly sea going barges ,used as habitation.
A narrow boat,of which there are a reasonable number on the River Medway nowadays

Owing to various assorted factors a bus ride into Maidstone and then breakfast,and a trip up the River Medway to Allington on the small paddle cruiser.A lovely sunny day,not much breeze ,about an hour to wait by the River bridge for the boat to arrive,and ice cream and a sit down.
the fare was £4 very inexpensive and gave us a return trip to the Malta Inn,passing the Marina where there were some expensive looking craft.Not much activity on the river(we never passed another boat)A Kingfisher whipped past in Maidstone,a not so unusual sight nowadays.

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