Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Capel-Le-Ferne to Dover round trip

An Adder (only 2 types of poisonous snake in England) and this is one of them and a female.
It was unfazed by our presence and argument re Grass snake versus Adder as we stood within lethal striking range .We were informed that they were not unusual hereabouts!
striking distance would be denoted by coiled posture,this one is relaxed

Thats Dover docks in the distance with people from all points of the compass fighting to enter the country illegally,as its such a nice place ,and we are so welcoming.
The sun came out in earnest later on,which cheered us up (until we nearly trod on the snake)
A shiny little green beetle thingy having a blow after a flight from France (maybe)
If you fart in the channel tunnel,then this is where its pumped out again
A Typical Brit encouraging Europeans to stay away with his sartorial elegance
A scary path along the cliff top with a nice new hand rail for the faint of heart
Folkestone harbour in the distance,not a lot of nautical stuff going on really.
An Air-Defence sound mirror built in 1928 (pre dates Radar) This is of course a visual cliche on the 1995 film The Usual Suspects.Which in turn owes its title to the line from the film Casablanca

A very windy cliff top walk(winds of about 60 mph)along narrow paths,but not too dangerous.
We walked past several wartime concrete emplacements,whose purpose we could not fathom.
We had a cup of char before we started and unusually passed some other walkers.
we did about 6 miles or so and returned for a breakfast at the clifftop cafe,which was good.We sat alfresco as it was so sunny.Unable to see La Belle France owing to mist,not much shipping activity,but we did see a Lifeboat,a KC-135Tanker aircraft and a Sea King chopper"RESCUE 66"
clattering along from Walton on the Naze.

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