Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Charing Heath Circular walk 5.5miles

One of the many sand quarries that are in the area,some are being landscaped and returned
A cart-type horse,very friendly but seperated from us by an electric fence
This is how the cereal crop looks in June

A very friendly collie -cross out for a walk with its master,what a lucky dog
On the right,and "Ancient wood"which was already old in 1600
A nice little ragstone cottage

A KCC walk,from one of their free guides.An unusual little -used group of footpaths and stiles,
crossing fields and through woods and over babbling streams.We had to beat our way through a jungle of tall grass and weeds. Lots to look at and take in.The Red Lion pub was closed (forever?)it was half way and would have been ideal for a cool beer.The pub in charing was also closed until 3.00 pm--whats gives?And the pub in the village(name forgotten)where we thought we had ordered hot meals but instead were served sandwiches,They were OK ,but what a disappointment.A hot day with the promise of heavy rain later.back home for some Egyptian PT.

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