Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pluckley circular walk

Annus Mirabilis Hikingwise
Funny bow topped windows are prevalent
A Sweet Chestnut tree V old
The lunch that slowed us down
Dwarfing rootstock apple trees,M27 80% of
ALL THE WORLD'S apple trees are on M(Malling stock)
The Swan Inn Excellent food cheerful staff!
An uphill slog,but not muddy for once

Harrow on the Hill

Well,rain was expected again(it eventually arrived at 20.00)a nice grey-ish day following a KCC leaflet walk with pictures(and I still got bloody lost)about 5 miles to Little Chart and back.
H.E.Bates country and mostly on the old Dering family estate(bow windows their trademark)
The Swan Inn was excellent,the food was good solid English Fare,steak and Ale pie,Steak and Kidney pie and so on.Wendy served us ,a refugee from the metropolis.and Fullers London Pride was handed down to us.

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