Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Diana Memorial Walk 4 london parks

Australian war memorial Green Park.Water flows over face of stone
Wellington Memorial which you can go up(for a fee in guineas)

London Pride had been handed down to him
The Moroccan ambassador going back to whence he came

The Royal Regiment of Artillery monument Green Park.

The usual suspects about to be herded out of the VIP's way
Brenda's town house

A Partial map showing some of the route

The Guards barracks that should have been built lower
The Changing of the Guard and a bad VPL

A nice sunny day,a train to Victoria and a cheaper than expected rail fare!
Walking from EMR to EM station we waited for the 10.08 service which arrived roughly on time.
A pleasant journey arriving on time and a chance for a sausage roll before the Sittingbourne contingient RV's with us.
They also arrived on sked,and we set off up Victoia street through the back doubles to Cockpit steps and into St James's park.We started the walk at the Guards memorial opposite Horseguards parade,and picking up the bronze medallion markers set into the path headed west towards Buckingham Palace.Brenda was in residence denoted by the Royal Standard flying.The Guard had changed and we were lucky to see them marching back to barracks(we think it was Royal Signals)there are fewer troops available for this ceremony as all the spare Pongoes are serving overseas.It started to rain heavily,and abruptly stopped.Lots of bloody tourists,(not so bad if they are good-looking)We went on through Canada Gate to the Wellington memorial ,and our photographer went up in the lift to take pix of us chatting to the Parks Fuzz as the Moroccan ambassador went past in his cabriolet/landau/carriage? thing .
Out of Green Park and into Hyde Park and the long leg of the walk.A stop at the Dell restaurant for a coffee and a sit and then along the southern edge of the serpentine and on to the Albert memorial(yes its all bloody memorials)and ice cream here and a walk on to Kensington gardens and up The Broad walk the Palace .A break for people watching and then back towards the Italian Gardens.It was getting a bit hot now,and it was also humid with the thunder clouds gathering in the distance.past the Magazine (as in Bang,not,"have you finished with my")
past the Old Police house (old policemen?)and over towards Park lane and The Broad walk(Hyde park version)Back through Wellington arch and a look fascinating and artistic Australian war memorial which has water cascading down it and every town/village in Oz engraved on its face.Back into Green park and along (you guessed it)The Broad Walk,along the Mall and the completion of the walk.We decided to eat(properly sitting down,air conditioning,knives and forks)and crossed Trafalgar square and into Leicester square where we found a suitable restuarant where we ate too much.A quick gander in the national Portrait gallery,and then over hungerford bridge to the South Bank and a long sit down to watch the Joggers,Cyclists office workers all rushing about in their hundreds.A nice breeze off Old Father Thames helped a lot.We then set off back down parliament Square and Victoria street where I had arranged for our two trains to be waiting for us.We must have done a very tiring 12 miles overall.Glad to get home have a shower,a nice home brew cup of tea and BED.

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