Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Horsmonden -Goudhurst circular walk


A couple of cottages in Goudhurst quite typical,aren't they pretty.Decorative brickwork on the left and pan tiles on the right.And check out the hexagonal chimney
A Typical church from the Black Death era.Where the village (Wattle Daub and Thatch,)fell into disrepair and the survivors moved up the road a mile or so and started over.

A Boundary Oak planted around the time of the Great war(wonder if the planter made it back )

The River Teise and the non-bridge,meant a detour of about 3 miles!
Big black cloud having dumped on Sussex is now coming our way look at the precipitation!
The nice Inn with the nice grub and the London Pride beer,don't forget the handbrake!

Isn't the view lovely?
I did put it to the troops,following lunch that we should bide a wee in the long grass,but time was pressing

Starting at Horsmonden using a KCC walk guide(complete with photos)we walked up through apple orchards towards the River Teise.When we arrived at the Teise,the bridge had washed away or fallen down and we had no way to cross the river which was about 5 metres below us and fast flowing.We therefore diverted and followed the river out to the road, whereupon it started to rain with a vengeance.After about 10 minutes we decided to "modify"the walk by going directly to Goudhurst up a steep hill,followed by another ,and then another.The Pub hove into sight and stocked Fullers beer so someone was happy.They had Roast turkey on the menu and the food was good and so was the service(The Vine)They were girding their loins ready for the "Tour de France "on sunday.We set off back down the hill after lunch and through the lovely parkland at Rectory Park,and back to the car via a different route.It was all very very green,not surprising ,as there has been lots of rain in the past few weeks.We did 7.5 miles and it seemed very tiring (old age?)Its better when you have done the walk one or two times as there is less chance of any errors.

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