Paleolithic rock shelter.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rainham Country Park to Otterham Creek

Spirit level in the post!

A walk along the sea wall from the country park,with a threatening sky and a strange calmness in the air.The tide was slack and made for some unusual pictures .A mixture of rural and distressed commercial surroundings (grass and shopping trolleys)We continued past the sewage works along a previously unexplored part of the Saxon Shore Way.Quite interesting,with light engineering,boat repairs and empty industrial units.I asked why a Labrador,that we met was limping,having not noticed that it had only 3 legs.Not very strenuous(unlike last week) and no rain,no wind and temperate.Back along the lower Rainham road,dodging the traffic and then back through the woods.We only stopped for a cup of tea at the refreshment room.Next week,terrorists permitting,the four London parks walk (Diana memorial walk)

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  1. Hi Twisden - I did a similar walk a couple of weekends ago but went on from Otterham Creek as far as Lower Halstow and then back to Rainham Country Park. Nice walk.