Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

North Downs Way Charing to Harrietsham

Some Cirro stratus from home
The Pix below were taken the previous week during a dummy-run when the weather was a bit more threatening.We failed to take a camera with us today

Walk to Bearsted Rail station and purchase a ticket @£4.30 wheras last time it was £6.20!
Train to Charing and then a walk through the village,(many old and pretty buildings)up the hill(145m)and on to the NDW.This is also the Trackway an old route from Stone Henge to the coast ports,so has been there for 5,000 years .Its a good track and has been well prepared by the KCC.It's quite sheltered most of the way and would make a good winter walk.the views are good and the walking not too taxing.We met another walker and a couple of cyclists going the other way.The walker was from Guildford and had started by train at 07.00m,and was doing it in 15 mile stages.We had a coffee break at The Crucifix carved into the chalk at Lenham.We ALMOST made it to the train and were 5 minutes late,so had to walk down into the village of Harrietsham and into the Roebuck pub for a quick drink.The pub has the cleanest toilets I have ever seen in a pub,and they also do a pensioners menu ,so its all good!
The train arrived and in a trice we were back at Bearsted and a one mile walk back home.
A good sunny walk of 10 Miles (which I have double checked)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chartham Circular walk.

The pub where we had a coffee (and someone had a beer)

Starting at Chartham Church we followed the Stour river through the lakes and then back to the main Canterbury road.It had started raining as soon as we left the village,but it was warm rain.
Up the hill to Bigbury through a large farm where there were lots of Poles (Polish)and a very large apple orchard.Through some twisting lanes past nice country cottages and almost to Watling street(A2)the old Roman road.We commenced climbing into the Aincient wood and into the nature reserve aroung Bigbury,where Caesar fought the Cantii in BC 55.We stopped at a 60 Year old orchard ,which is being preserved and replanted with extra trees bearing some unusual varieties.
Out to Chartham Hatch and back down the hill towards the village and over the first rail crossing.(there were two main rail lines into Canterbury)over the main road and across the second rail track and into the village in search of a public house.
We had a coffee and a sit down for half an hour and then back through the churchyard and to the cars and off home through torrential rain.
about 5.5 miles .not too tiring.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Following a gale warning,we postponed our Calais trip and instead visited the above.
Not as large as some of kent's country parks,it was nevertheless well kept with nice graded paths and pleasant outlook.However the motorway was a bit close in places.A new housing development is situated overlooking the old quarry lakes.Parking and information was good,but there is no snack bar,although we did find one all by itself up by the railway line that did a nice breakfast.A good place to walk the dog or go for a cycle ride.We did about 2 to 3 miles along the paths.
Oh yes, how did we get there? M20 /A228 turn off by Ham Hill roundabout at Snodland(by Shell garage) parking is 50p and its a safe sort of place to visit,lots of lady joggers and stuff,people walking their dogs.And old gits with hiking sticks.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


A nice cool day following last night's thunderstorms.RV at Aylesford and set off past the church(where Charles Dickens wanted to be interred,but ended up at Westminster Abbey)
and past the Friary(12th century)and the sewage works(20th century).Through the woods towards Wouldham and up to Wouldham church,where the purser (who supported Nelson as he died)is buried.All the pubs in the village were CLOSED so we carried on along the banks of the Medway river and decided to picnic opposite Cuxton way out on the reed beds.Soon,we were going under the three Medway Bridges,stopping to watch the Eurostar train hurtle past.Lots of houseboats,barges ,converted craft here,very interesting and higgledy-piggledy.
Through the undergrowth and along by the site of the old seaplane factory(now yuppie flats)
The pubs in Rochester beckoned ,so we stopped for a half-pint and then walked over the bridge to Strood,to catch the train back to Aylesford.From there a walk to the village car park and home.
9 miles (+)a good walk,not too hot,and now a little rest.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

East Malling Research to Maidstone and return.

Allington Castle
Human treadmill brenchley gardens
The Malta pub

A nice morning,with a promise of a hot day.We started on the footpath to Ditton Lab,and then along to Gallagher's quarry.Crossing Hermitage lane we turned into Giddyhorn lane along the back of MGH. Down past the Saxon Chief pub and onto Somerfield road.We descended the hill towards the high level railway bridge and through Brenchley gardens and into Fremlins shopping centre to Pudding lane.A little early for lunch,at Elizabeth's tea room,so we had the breakfast instead.After a good sit down we walked down to the River Medway and along the towpath to the Malta inn,where we didn't get a drink because they were so bloody slow serving( as usual)
Over Allington lock and up castle hill(stopping for an ice cream at Mid Kent shopping centre)
we crossed over London Road and back down a long footpath to Hermitage lane,and the back onto the research station property.
A walk of 9 miles .