Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


A nice cool day following last night's thunderstorms.RV at Aylesford and set off past the church(where Charles Dickens wanted to be interred,but ended up at Westminster Abbey)
and past the Friary(12th century)and the sewage works(20th century).Through the woods towards Wouldham and up to Wouldham church,where the purser (who supported Nelson as he died)is buried.All the pubs in the village were CLOSED so we carried on along the banks of the Medway river and decided to picnic opposite Cuxton way out on the reed beds.Soon,we were going under the three Medway Bridges,stopping to watch the Eurostar train hurtle past.Lots of houseboats,barges ,converted craft here,very interesting and higgledy-piggledy.
Through the undergrowth and along by the site of the old seaplane factory(now yuppie flats)
The pubs in Rochester beckoned ,so we stopped for a half-pint and then walked over the bridge to Strood,to catch the train back to Aylesford.From there a walk to the village car park and home.
9 miles (+)a good walk,not too hot,and now a little rest.

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